About DCI

PT. Dunya Cat Indonesia (DCI) is a painting contractor company that was established in 2000 that specializes in painting divisions.

We are built solely to assist property developers and building contractors and home owners with the decorative paint and coating aspects of renovated or unfinished and newly built projects. Our job is to oversee and complete a project with guaranteed results ensuring that all paint jobs are reliable and long lasting by applying a systematic process of coatings to make sure the job gets done right.

The fact that we are fully supported by our sole supplier PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint (AOP), is the key factor behind our strategy, having our own product manufacturer gives us a step up on our competitors. A direct line for problem solving helps us to achieve expert advice on how to quickly resolve problematic encounters, saving our clients time and extra expense for trials and errors. We are the solution to all painting problems, standing proudly behind our work, and all of our products, DCI takes full responsibility for the entire project from start to finish. Taking our job seriously, we strive to satisfy our clients to the very last detail of each and every project.

As a universal painting division, we are ready to fulfill every type of work needed in the painting industry. It is our privilege as a fully dedicated and responsible painting company to provide our clientele with the best possible results using the best products for the job at hand.


It's our goal to become the company above all others in our field of expertise by building a solid foundation of respect and trust with all our business relations as we move forward in the painting industry through our integrity and responsible take care attitude, and to break the barrier of the stagnant painting process by instigating a systematic assembly line of efficient and time saving methods to improve structure finishing.

Our mission is not only to expand our service beyond the borders of ordinary surface applications through continuous product knowledge and the implication of the latest technology in paint and coating techniques, it is also our duty to troubleshoot and fix project problems quickly through our direct manufacturer feedback on all our products, expediting project finishing with professional results that are guaranteed to last.


DCI is committed to upholding good work ethics. We recruit highly trained employees with special handling skills for every type of application needed to ensure a professional job. It is imperative to the longevity of our company’s existence in the work force to complete tasks with unsurpassed, accountable contract performance. No matter what type of job it is, big or small DCI will never negate on the quality of our products, or on the professional conduct of our employees. We guarantee on location safety and complete customer satisfaction.