About DCI

PT Dunya Cat Indonesia is a specialized paint contractor company that was established in 2000. The establishment of DCI aims to support property developers, architects, interior designers, building contractors, and house owners with the painting and decorative coating in various projects, from renovation, unfinished or recently built projects. With excellent guarantee and effective painting service, every project lasts a lifetime and gives its building a perfect appearance.

We are not alone. Our sole manufacturer, PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint (AOP) fully supports our line of business. Having our own paint manufacturer means that we are one step ahead of success than our existing competitor. Igniting collaboration with AOP benefits us to obtain a constructive strategy from the experienced one and its development efficiency in the site. That's what we take pride in because our team is responsible for a project from the start to finish. And our commitment is reflected through our dedication to customer satisfaction to great attention to the details.

DCI is also ready to seize every job opportunity that is on-demand in industrial painting. It is an honor for us as a painting service company that is comprehensively dedicated and committed to providing the best outcome for our clients using our excellent products.


Our goal is to become a leading company and expertise in industrial painting based on our strong foundation of respect and trust for all business relationships. As the industry advances, we focus on upholding the integrity and professional principles in everything we do. With painting jobs where the stagnant phase usually dominates, we evaluate and follow up with development resulting in project efficiency, both in terms of duration and completion of a more tested structure.

Our mission is not only to expand services from the existing paint coating application but also how to maintain cutting-edge technology utilization in terms of painting and coating techniques for more sustainable projects. We believe that our work performance can speak to the efficiency and effectiveness that we offer through the various professional projects we've worked on.


DCI is committed to uphold a good work ethic. We recruit our employees based on specific skills, requirements, and handling capacities for every type of painting application to ensure professional workmanship according to the current demands. Along with DCI’s journey, we adhere to successful project completion principles aligned with established contracts while improving service quality for optimal results. Whether the work type is—a large or small scale, DCI is committed to providing equal service and never sacrificing our product quality or our employee professionalism. We also guarantee site safety and full customer satisfaction.